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What's on the other side of fear?

Why are you afraid? If you're still questioning yourself about this, then you're still in the same space where you and fear were introduced. "Knock's me again! The same one that's been holding you back all along. You're not ready to open the door because you're too comfortable. You're complacent with what you have and where you are. You'll never open the door until you finally ask who it is and realize your future resides there."

Now, let's get into your fear. It can seriously be real or made up of much doubt...but how you problem solve it is what matters. Have you been sweeping it under the rug? Compartmentalizing? Disregarding it? Living in it? Using it as a crutch? Whatever it is, if it's not challenging you to step into another space of life, then you're still hiding behind the unpleasant emotions.

On the other side of fear is courage, responsibility, abundance and best of all, FREEDOM!

I remember I use to be afraid of succeeding at something. I remember I was afraid to step into my own light to become the person I am today. I vividly remember doubting myself like I didn't matter, but I knew I had more to me and I needed a way to fight pass fear. I decided to seek support in a way I never knew would help elevate my being. After two solid years of seeking support and doing hard-core self work, I finally tapped into my greater being and began to see myself from the other side of fear.

You too can become everything you envision for yourself. You first have to fight pass fear. Ask yourself, "what do I have to lose in the opportunity to better myself?" If you keep coming up with negative responses, then you must shift the space that you are in by dealing with whatever issue is at hand, in order to proceed. Recognize that if you remove fear, you increase the chances of improving everything in your life!

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