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Feelings are important and for a good deal of time, we try to ignore our connections to them. I think it's very important to identify how you feel and spend time with those feelings. "Why do I feel like this? What caused these feelings? How can I improve or maintain this feeling?" Those are simple questions to ask yourself in order to embrace the feeling. Take on your day with this self-love journal while managing your thoughts, beliefs, gratitude, hopes, goals and whatever else you'd like to address! Have fun doing it too by completing the eight activities to support your growth and belief! Live free and be a blessing!

These journals are gift friendly and ideal for anyone ready to tap into their greater selves! Create new writing habits, come face-to-face with who you are and become a better human! Write freely and stay connected to your growth!

Journal highlights:

•Paperback Cover
•6.14in x 9.21in
•A High Quality Soft-Cover with a Matte Finish
•Watermarked pages with Author's artwork
•Cover designed by Author
•125 pages total
•50 pages of Freedom Writing
•30 days of 2-day writing entries, Self-improvement activities and affirmations
•Self-Care Tips & Affirmations
•Quotes from the Author on the back cover
•QR code to Motivational, "Monday Matters" posts for further encouragement

An awesome gift for all ages and professions!!

This journal was created with the intention to touch, move and inspire humans to be great no matter the situations! We all have one life, so let's live it and enjoy the experiences of each day!

Failure+ Lessons+ Growth=Success II

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